Book: The Edison Files: Notes From The Lab


Starring Edison Lee, his hapless grandfather Orville, Edison’s trusty sidekick Joules (a giant Gambian rat), and a host of other characters, The Brilliant Mind Of Edison Lee offers a mix of science, silliness, and social commentary on our crazy world and has been delighting newspaper audiences worldwide since 2006.

The brainchild of John Hambrock, Edison Lee was awarded one of cartooning’s highest honors as “Best Newspaper Comic Strip” for 2022 by the National Cartoonists Society.

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The first book collection of Brilliant Mind Of Edison Lee Comics that have appeared in newspapers all over the world.

Includes special behind the scenes commentary and bonus material from the author John Hambrock.

Black and white with a color section in the center.

Foreword by Greg Walker

ISBN 9780615399904

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Weight 15 oz

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