Anne And God

“Anne & God: Conversations With The Infinite” is a comic/poetry blog featuring humorous and/or inspirational exchanges with whatever is steering us through the universe.

Started as a project to cheer up an ailing friend, it follows the premise “what would I say to a higher power if I REALLY were being honest?” And “what might that higher power say to me if I were REALLY listening.”

The first book collection of these witticisms “Some Days Call For Chocolate” is available in the online store. It makes a great gift for yourself and everyone you love! Anne is happy to personalize books at no extra charge – be sure to give details when you place your order. A second collection: “Dear God, Did I Say That Out Loud” is scheduled for release in June of 2024.

Anne is also pleased to offer speaking programs focused on humor and/or inspiration/motivation and a one-woman show that adds harp to these presentations.

The main poetry/cartoon website is linked below but Anne has recently launched a substack version – complete with behind the scenes commentary. Titled “Anne The Passive Aggressive Poet”, the newsletter is published once a week, totally free, no spam, no ads, and no sharing of the mailing list. And sometimes there are recipes!

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