Since childhood Anne’s parents steeped her in a soup of classic comedy influences, producing a daughter who would have almost no choice but to view life through a lens of laughter.

She has been writing silly things in a variety of forms since 2006, wearing a dizzying array of hats:

Poet/Cartoonist:  “Anne & God: Conversations With The Infinite”

Blogger: “Anne The Passive Aggressive Poet”  and “Overbooked & Underpaid: Notes From A Yes-a-holic”

Contributing gag writer: The Brilliant Mind Of Edison Lee” newspaper comic strip syndicated worldwide by King Features

Columnist: Humor columns for The Kenosha News

Anne’s current passion project is her one-woman-show which combines her comic poems with stories from her hapless life and her original jazz/fusion/celtic/world music for harp and synthesizer.

Her lighthearted exchanges with whatever is steering us through the universe have been gathered into two book collections: “Some Days Call For Chocolate and Other Pick-Me-Up Poems” and the forthcoming “Dear God, Did I Say That Out Loud?”.

The best way to read her current work is to subscribe to her substack “Anne The Passive Aggressive Poet”. The newsletter is totally free – no ads, no spam – just a chance to read some stuff that might make you feel better. If you are into that sort of thing.

Anne is available for author events – especially house concerts and book clubs – and is happy to bring a small harp and an armful of behind-the-scenes stories to your gathering. If you are organizing an online event, she can also visit your group via Zoom.

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