Throughout her childhood Anne Morse-Hambrock’s parents steeped her in a soup of classic comedy influences, producing a daughter who would have almost no choice but to view life through a lens of laughter.

Anne first began writing comedy as partner to her husband as they worked on a variety of comic strips in pursuit of syndication. In 2006 John Hambrock’s “Brilliant Mind Of Edison Lee” was picked up by King Features. Running in newspapers worldwide, Edison Lee is a daily and Sunday comic strip to which Anne is a regularly contributing gag writer.

As time went by, Anne discovered she had a wealth of material that needed a voice of its own and she began the blog “Overbooked and Underpaid: Notes From A Yes-holic” – tales of doing too much, saying yes too often, and living with the consequences.

Anne was also hired by her local newspaper to write a series of humor columns from 2011-2015.

There were still comedic itches to be scratched so in 2015 she began writing humorous and inspirational poems.

Published on the blog: “Anne & God: Conversations With The Infinite”, these small exchanges between Anne and an unnamed supreme being eventually were gathered into  book collection: “Some Days Call For Chocolate and other pick-me-up poems.” Copies are available for purchase here on the website.

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Anne Morse-Hambrock Anne & GodOverbooked & Underpaid: Notes From A Yes-A-Holic – Learn More

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