Book Clubs/House Concerts

“Some Days Call For Chocolate” is a great selection for book clubs.

In the words of a reader: The poetic conversations in this collection are conversations we want to have with each other. They are intimate and candid and I find myself laughing out loud.”  

Do you have a book club or just a group of friends that could use some laughter and music in an intimate setting? If so, Anne is happy to bring a harp to your home or patio for an hour or two. She plays a little and talks a little about her poems and everyone lets their hair down a bit. Or, if you prefer, Anne can be available online via zoom.

Her driving range extends to about 7 hours maximum from Kenosha WI. If you are in that zone and would like her to pop by, please fill out the booking form and Anne will get back to you.

Anne offers special bulk pricing for book club members so be sure to mention this if you place an order for your club.

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