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Holiday shopping time is almost here! Give someone the joy of laughter!

Sometimes funny, sometimes inspirational, always true, this first book collection of Anne’s conversations with unnamed supreme being is a perfect way to brighten your day.

Also great for book clubs and hostess gifts!

If you are ordering for a book club I offer a discount on orders of 5 books or more – $3 off the cover price per book!

Once you place your order you will receive an email confirmation which will ask if you would like the book personalized..

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Praise For Some Days Call For Chocolate:

“The self-deprecating wit of Anne’s poetry is comfy close and personal. Steep the Earl Grey and prepare to commiserate and smile.”                     Sandra Bell Lundy “Between Friends” comic strip

“Anne’s humor is a fantastic blend of hilarious, poignant, and just plain REAL. It’s a delightful read on those days when you just need a little clarity. And her feel-good observations trigger reactions ranging from “YES” to “I wish I’d thought of that!” You’ll want to keep it on your bedside table, but you’ll also want to share it with everyone you love.”      Jenny Campbell “Flo And Friends” comic strip

“Anne’s conversations with the infinite are conversations we want to have with each other. They are intimate and candid and I find myself laughing out loud.”   Maureen – longtime reader

“It’s not often someone can bore into your head and get back out without you knowing it. But Anne grabs all the little thoughts we didn’t know we were thinking, and vents them to the universe so we don’t have to. Read her book. You’ll be happier. You’ll be healthier. And a whole lot less alone..”    Dave Blazek “Loose Parts” comic panel

ISBN 978578713328

If you interested in multiple copies for your book club please click on the “Additional Information” tab (next to “Description) and you will see specific shipping and pricing information on bulk orders.

©Copyright 2022 Anne Morse Hambrock All Rights Reserved – “Some Days Call For Chocolate” is a creation of Anne Morse Hambrock – all images and text on this website are fully protected by copyright.

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Note: if you are interested in multiple copies for a book club please use the contact form before ordering and we will offer you a special bulk rate on orders totaling more than 10 copies.