Overbooked And Underpaid

Anne Morse Hambrock knows how to set boundaries.

She just is a complete failure at sticking to them.

Which is the whole point behind her blog: “Overbooked And Underpaid: Notes From A Yes-aholic.”

If you visit “Overbooked” you will find variety of humorous anecdotes from a life of spectacular over-commitment.

Tales of doing too much, saying yes too often, and living with the consequences.

You will also find a collection of helpful household hints, some terrific recipes, a smattering of inspiring thoughts, tips to improve your knitting, an A to Z tutorial on producing a fantastic made-from-scratch pie crust, and the occasional movie review.

Overbooked And Underpaid: Notes Of A Yes-aholic
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Anne is pleased to offer speaking programs focused on humor and/or inspiration/motivation.For more information on this type of presentation please click on the “Concerts And Events – Humor” button.

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