Why Choose Harp For Your Wedding Ceremony?

Harp has been a beautiful part of special ceremonies for hundreds of years. The instrument has a unique sound quality that puts your wedding guests and yourself in a perfect frame of mind for a day as special as your wedding.

Many people are unaware that a harp has as many notes as a piano and that the two can sound very similar. This means that, unlike a violin, flute, or trumpet, harp can stand alone without other instruments.

Harp is also much more portable than a piano or electric keyboard so it is a perfect choice for weddings that will be in less traditional venues like rose gardens, country clubs, back yards and hotels.

A qualified professional harpist will be able to handle your entire ceremony.

This usually includes:

Prelude (the period of 15-20 minutes before the ceremony as your guests are arriving)

Processional (the entrance of the bridal party and the bride)

Special service music (communion, offertory, unity candle, etc.)

Recessional (exit of the bridal party)

Postlude (the 10 minutes or so following the exit of the wedding party).

Most harpists will charge a flat rate for the ceremony whether they will play the entire service or only the prelude. This is because you are paying for the harpist’s commitment to you for the entire duration of your ceremony, as well as travel time to and from the wedding. Once a harp is in place for the ceremony it is too disruptive to move, even in the moments immediately after the prelude. Therefore, your harpist will be part of your whole ceremony whether you choose to have more harp music after the prelude or not.

Some harpist’s ceremony fee also includes a personal consultation to choose just the right music for your special day. Anne Morse-Hambrock does include a consultation in her wedding pricing.

The harp is extremely versatile in the different styles of music you can have at your wedding. Classical music, traditional wedding favorites, pop music, light jazz, Irish/Celtic music, Latin music – you name it, a good harpist will be able to play it.

For samples of some of the most popular music played at weddings click here.

Harp music is a wonderful addition to any wedding so please consider including harp as part of your special day!

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