Wedding Pricing

Wedding Ceremonies

The rates I charge are tailored to each specific wedding ceremony depending on the following:

  • Travel time to the wedding destination
  • Whether or not rehearsal with other musicians will be required
  • Whether or not I am also playing for the wedding reception – I offer discounts when playing both the ceremony and the reception if there is no change of venue. (I cannot offer a discount if the reception is more than 25 minutes away from the ceremony or if I have to block off more than 30 minutes of time between the ceremony and the reception.)
  • Whether or not the ceremony will require amplification (extra equipment, extra set up and take down time)
  • Whether or not you are paying with a credit card. While I can accept all major credit cards using my paypal account and card reader, I must add a 3.8% fee to your overall quote to cover the cost of the credit card service provided by paypal.

Note: Fees for Wedding ceremonies are calculated as a flat rate using all the factors above and not as an hourly rate.

Wedding Receptions

Reception music fees are calculated on an hourly basis rather than as a flat fee. As with wedding ceremonies my rate varies due to travel distance, bundling discounts, amplification, etc.

I do offer discounts if you book me for both your ceremony and reception.

I hope this information is useful to you in your search for just the right music for your wedding and I am happy to issue personalized quotes via email or phone. Just use the contact button in the menu bar.

When wondering why harpists generally have rates in a higher price range than you expected, please keep in mind that we carry special professional insurance and drive specialized vehicles that can accommodate the large bulk of a harp. Also, a wedding ceremony that starts at 3:30 and runs for 30 minutes to an hour means an actual time investment beginning around 2:00 and lasting until 5:00 for a “local” wedding.

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