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Anne Morse-Hambrock is an exciting performer who has been an active ambassador of classical, jazz and Celtic harp repertoire throughout the United States. Her playing style has been described as elegant and vibrant.

Anne offers a variety of concert and keynote programs suited to venues ranging from traditional stage settings to corporate retreats, meditative retreats, school assemblies or other small school outreach events, and lunch/dinner presentations for groups small and large.

Her current concert program consists of Jazz, Celtic, and Reflective/Meditative music for harp with a duration that can last for as little as 30 minutes and as much as 90 minutes (with intermission).

Her keynote harp presentations mix musical performance with information on the history of the different kinds of harps. These programs can be tailored to include interactive time with the audience in which audience members can actually sit down at the harps and play them.

This type of presentation is also suitable for schools, either as an assembly or as a small classroom experience.

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